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Game#32 | 8PlayerFFA - Balance Mod
Played: 2017-05-13Amount of Humans: 8
Kind of Report: ffaenKind of game: PBEM
Game-value: 87
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Written on 2017-05-14 21:25:53

Aix/me and Skuns have lost in same time, we played all together against tussell, about the 5. place, not know more, which players has gone at first, so i give all the same position, please correct my report:-)

Written on 2017-05-14 19:14:39

Hey there! That's quite a lot of ranking points in this game.

The game value is 90, and the highest game value we have ever had so far was 93 so that was a high level game! (though the top 8 games will probably beat the record).

I guess it would be better if the ranks of everyone could be recorded more precisely. That would not change the points for Tussel but it would for everyone below. Nobody remembers who died first between AlX, Mark and Skuns? cbower and mauve quitted so should probably be 8th and 7th (or 7th ex-aequo).
The class/race would also be nice for the stats! <smiletext0> https://www.the-battlefield.c... Tussel, AlX, personian and Dread, you probably know your own class/race, right? You can edit the report through the drop down menu and: "Edit the report". Thanks! <smiletext0>

Written on 2017-05-14 18:31:12

Confirmed by Tussell

Written on 2017-05-14 12:02:39

Confirmed by Skuns453Lirik902

Geschrieben am 2017-05-13 19:42:30

Match has been reported, please confirm!

Game#31 | Team tournament training - 4x2
Played: 2017-01-25Amount of Humans: 8
Kind of Report: ffaenAmount of Quitter: 3
Kind of game: PBEM
Game-value: 88
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Written on 2017-01-30 15:29:32

Confirmed by Olop

Geschrieben am 2017-01-29 15:20:18

Nice Report - I did good in this game, but never forgot I cheated. That was the reason I suicided my leader in UG and retreated because I couldn´t have used deathmarch and would´ve been too weak.. Maybe Earl retreated to go for a quest for his Dragon vassals or we wanted to attack you with joined forces.

My Stack at the Frostlings was mainly there to Keep Control over that area - very important one for me because there was one entry to UG + 2 Frost Shrines + the frostling City. I wanted to attack or at least take a look once but as you casted the sunburst, I decided to retreat because I didn´t want to throw this stack away. As you see I was very cautious her and made sure you can´t attack me with a lot of Units.
I think I wanted the berries but you eat them with your hunter, so I wouldn´t have been as quick as I wanted to be.

That mentioned Frostling City became pretty more interesting at the end of the game as I was able to build one Yeti each turn. I could´ve build Manticores as well at this point but then I quitted for explained reasons.

But as you mentioned, cbowers Earth Elementals would´ve killed me as I had no much other damage channels than physical, Spirit and fire at this Point. I was ready to retreat to my throne and so had plundered that Frostling city instantly. Earl would´ve been too slow to help me effectively I guess.
I came in time to save him against your troops as you have written. And as cbower quitted, and I was strong enough, I send a settler to the plundered Frostlings.

Written on 2017-01-29 14:34:58

A very interesting match for me, I learnt a lot: it was my first time playing AD seriously and it was the first time I reached turn 80 in PBEM (as far as I remember) which gave me the opportunity to experience some late-game units and spells.
I learnt that Hunters and Shamans should probably be used earlier to do very rapid stacks to harass enemies behind their lines (which I failed to do). I learnt that Poison Domain does not work on Elementals!...

I played Tigran AD and started UG. My ally cbower played Dwarf Warlord and was supposed to start UG but didn't select the right layer so started on the surface.
I had a relatively bad start after failing an Ancient Ruins fight on turn 6. My Warlord hero got mind-controlled by the indie Bards and I lost my T2 Calvary and 1 Cheetah. After that, I was not able to develop as fast as if I had kept my hero and Cavalry, but thanks to the AD ability to summon units on the go, I was able to pick up speed again relatively quickly.

My first summon was a Vampiric Spider, second was a Dread Monkey. On turn 7, my third was a Baby Shock Serpent. I lost the Spider on turn 7 against indie because I had only 4 units to attack... On turn 9 I got a Baby Dread Spider. On turn 11, a 2nd Dread Spider and a 2nd hero joined me, an Orc Theo.
My ally cbower helped me clear near the Tigran indie which was extremely interesting because it had a Forbidden Sanctum near its domain. That city, Lamur, later became a production center for Resurgent Mystics (thanks to Bound Soul, the MCU of Forbidden Sanctum) and cbower gave me +1 range with the Warlord's strategic spell to get the MCU earlier. While cbower was clearing north and west of my throne, I had headed full east, to discover new lands to settle. As Tigran, the plan was to settle and expand fast to try to get Monoculture and Heptatopia.
On turn 14, my Serpent had evolved to King Serpent and my 2 Dread Spiders to Queen Spiders thanks to the many fight I did in the places which would become my new throne at Farrac and the city of Issit.
I don't remember exactly when but I lost my leader between turn 14 and 17, I don't remember how. So after that, my Orc Theo was alone leading the King Shock Serpent army, while my leader cleared sites near my throne with a 2ndary army and an Elf AD hero freshly recruited. Due to my leader's death, I could not cast new animals for 3 turns.
Around that time, I met gladis in the east, and cbower met SeeR north of my throne. SeeR had a lvl 4 Dreadnough hero, Firak, a lvl 5 Necro Dwarf, Zodar, and a lvl 6 Rogue (Tigran) leader. cbower made a non-agression pact with SeeR.
On turn 22, I had summoned 2 more Spiders with my leader.
On turn 23, gladis shed the first blood and attacked a Prowler, and later razed a fort I had made in the east (I had sent a Builder east to start exploiting resources there, while waiting for my Settlers to cross the 4-5 turns journey and settle there). gladis was playing Human Warlord but had 3 Reanimators and 1 Cadaver from I don't know where.

cbower was clearing very efficiently and his army was already very strong. Together, we planned a simulatenous attack on gladis: he would fly and float toward him on the surface and I would surge from the underground and we would take back the Frostling city he had taken from cbower, east of his domain. That was turn 24. Unfortunately, a few days later, cbower left the game for personal reasons and the AI obviously didn't follow that plan so we never attacked gladis and he survived for many other turns. Had cbower not left, gladis would probably have died around turn 30.

On turn 26, I got a Baby Shock Serpent with my leader.
In the east, I baited gladis and killed his undead army.

On turn 28, I had a glimpse of gladis' main army: his Warlord leader was lvl 10 with 14 def, 10 res, a Cosmic Rifle, and 60 HP. He had 5 T3: 2 Elite Knights, 1 Shock Trooper, 1 Sphynx and 1 Eagle Rider. He was acompanied by a Dwarf Rogue hero, Thastrun, with 1 more Shock Trooper, and 4 T1.
On turn 29, I did the 3rd big mistakes of the game - I did about one every 10 turns: the Ancient Ruins first, then the leader's death, then this - and attacked a Castle of the Lich King with my lvl 10 Theo to try to get the XP for Divine Justicar to face gladis in the east, and miserably failed. I was able to flee but my key hero died. I never got a Theo again and anyway, I could not have leveled him any more as we were already in mid-game and most sites were cleared.

In retrospect, I think it was the biggest mistake in all the game. If I had kept that Theo, I would have been able to fight EarL and gladis much more efficiently. I would also have lost less units in fights against SeeR, which would have allowed me to pursue in his territory.

At that point, I thought I was about to lose. But for a reason I ignore, gladis retreated and did not continue UG. gladis, could you please explain?

My leader died again on turn 37 in a Sphynx Temple fight I screwed. That was to honour my 1 mistake per 10 turns rule I guess.

I sent a Spider to the far east and discovered EarL's lands. On turn 39, his leader - a Draconian AD - was lvl 9 and his Tigran Necro, Jusrath, was lvl 4. He also had a Tigran AD, Saba, at lvl 3. UG, he had a lvl 10 Theo, Telnae, on a wyvern and concealed I think. For some unknown reason (I think he was fighting Gilafron north), he didn't use her to go south and attack or monitor me.
I found EarL's throne on turn 39 and launched a small attack on his forts with 2 Flying units I had recruited at Inns. That was short-lived because gladis's Wraiths arrived and killed them.
At the same time, gladis decided that 10 turns later, it was time to attack me again UG. He sent a stack of 5 Cavalry and 1 White Witch UG, which I spotted with a Hunter monitoring the cave entrance unseen. And at the same time again, gladis sent a Artic concealed stack led by Ela the Runaway, lvl 8 Sorcerer, toward cbower's lands (cbower had been an AI since before turn 30) and toward a cave entrance leading to Farrac and Issit. I chanced to meet them while moving with a Hunter in the middle of the Artic! Lucky me!

By that time, I had recruited a Goblin Sorcerer hero (and later a Dreadnought hero) and it had a small stack with it. I moved it toward the cave entrance of Farrac in haste. I used 1 Mystic to reveal the position of Ela and used Sunburst on it. It frightened gladis who run away again, saving me an uncertain fight.

It was turn 42 now and gladis' leader was now lvl 12, flying, with many protections (only Spirit at 100%).
My leader died again, I don't remember how (not related to gladis).

My troops remaining from the botched Castle of the Lich King fight gathered to face the 5 Cavalry and 1 Witch of gladis but he used Death March and moved quickly in my back, where I discovered with horror EarL had several King Serpents in y back. I retreated toward the west.
gladis and EarL moved away.

Again, something strange happened on turn 47: EarL moved his army with his leader, Necro, AD, a Mature Serpent and a few Shamans 2-3 turns from my Orc Vassal of Bochra, and then retreated east toward his lands. I don't know why.
At the same time, SeeR had launched an attack on my northernmost city of Azyrut, cleverly settled in a narrow UG passage (so that it could be defended 2 vs 1 on both side). It looked like our non-agreesion pact had ended. I had monitored his Draconian city north and seen the small army he had built there. I decided to send my leader with a small army to fight him back as he was trying to push south toward my throne with a poorly concealed Prowler in dense vegetation on one side and a Crow on the other side.

The small army of SeeR at Azyrut.

I found back the army of Serpents of EarL (and the Cavalry of gladis) in the middle-east of the UG, apparently fighting Jean and Gilafron.
On turn 48, Gilafron was killed by Jean.

Probably seeing me coming, SeeR retreated with his army of reapers and I took back Azyrut. I did another mistake (yeah, we were close to turn 50 so I had to make one) and sent my leader toward Firak and his sbires at Uirmo Thi.

On turn 51, a Zephyr Bird doing a regular patrol near my Fey Dwelling (which was trying to build Fey T3 and had only finished 1 building in the production chain) spotted a massive army of SeeR: 3 Giants, 1 Sphynx, 1 Succub,s 1 Ogre, 1 Light Elemental and some small fry, together with his Necro.
When he took the city (12 vs 1), SeeR further revealed his Invisible leader.
I saw an opportunity and sent my now relatively strong army of King Serpents, Sorcerer and Dreadnought to chase them. SeeR cautiously stayed at the Dwelling to vassal it but he failed to scout.

On turn 52, interlude from the chase on SeeR's leader, I hesitated and then launched a stupid attack on Uirmo Thi... which I lost (looks like I didn't take a screenshot of the result, I think only 2 Stalkers were left standing), sending my leader in the void for at least the 3rd time in the game. That was really stupid as on the same turn I had finished researching Horned God and could start summoning them.

During all that time, I had produced no Shaman and very few Hunters, focusing instead on Mystics and a few Sun Guards. I also did not go for Sphynx as I considered they would be of little use against Jean's Horrors. I corrected partly the mistake on Shamans and Hunters and produced Hunters at Issit, which then proved extremly valuable in intelligence gathering.
In theory, Mystics (especially with Resurgence) are good against Shadow Stalkers.  And a leader with Thunderstorm and Regrowth should also deal with them nicely. In practice, the Mystics shapeshift into Panthers as soon as they are hurt and then become totally unefficient against the Stalkers, and the leader just cast spells and do some stupid healing and never use the Thunderstorm...

On turn 55, I spotted a worrying move north of my borders... Jean (Draconian Sorcerer) was eventually coming! He was bringing Birgit, lvl 12 Frostling Theo with Divine Justicars, 3 Champion Draconian Elder, 1 Champion Raptor, and soon Dracnian Flyers followed in his path (and then Irilis, a Theo hero from SeeR, with a small army).
My scouting further north revealed a Giant Dwelling belonging to SeeR, with many T1 and T2 stacks with Blight Doctors and Bards.
I also spotted a dangerous stack of 4 Stalkers and 2 Light Elemental (able to heal and give 100% Spirit resistance to Stalkers) south of Uirmo Thi.
I moved my 3 stacks, totalling 14 units 2 turns away from my Fey Dwelling where SeeR was waiting.

On turn 56, I suddenly appeared at the border of the Dwelling and SeeR fled. However, he didn't take into account one critical element: Dreadnought can get Tunneling! That's what I did and I cleared 1 dirt cavern which freed a fast track to his army, which I then engaged and wiped out. Incredibly, I forgot to take a screenshot of the result... I hope Jean has one because that was my best battle of the game!

SeeR was in the void but Jean was massing 3 stacks north of Azyrut, probably thinking I hadn't seen him coming. He moved cautiously, waiting for his slowest units.
It's worth saying that Jean had killed Olop in the surface at that time and also completed most of the Empire Quest, I forgot exactly. He had completed Monoculture a few turns before me, then Heptatopia, the Grand Palace one, he had captured the Eternal City of Olop, he got Paragon and then later he got Centurion. It was clear he was the strongest and we made a pact with gladis and EarL at some point around turn 50, to not attack each other and focus on Jean and SeeR.
I was checking Jean's cities in the North-East in the surface (where Olop had been) but they were all vassals and I could not attack them with my lone Hunter.

I moved north-east after killing SeeR, to take a city whose domain was visible from the battlefield where SeeR had fallen. After that, following discussions with gladis, we decided that he would attack SeeR's Giant Dwelling and I would move away. So I sent my army toward Azyrut to defend it. I knew I would arrive after the battle but I could take it back.
I also sent a group of about 9 units toward Lamur and my throne through a shortcut.
My leader was back at my throne with no real army. I took a few Resurgent Mystics and tried a crazy plan: move north by a western small passage that SeeR was probably not guarding. Jean was indeed coming from Azyrut and I had no way to beat him so I should move in the opposite direction to go behind his lines. I summoned Horned Gods on my way.
Simultaneously, I built Mystics and Sun Guards to counter Jean's Flyers and SeeR's Stalkers. I built up defense at Lamur and Lugar (my throne).

On turn 59, Jean took Azyrut and SeeR's death stack (4 SS, 2 Light Elemental) showed up near Lamur... Another moment where I thought I was about to lose in a few turns. But SeeR and Jean were too cautious all the time and let me survive many more turns.
On turn 60, I launched attacks against Irregulars garrisoning SeeR's cities on the surface through the cave entrance north of Uirmo Thi.
On turn 61, SeeR had taken Lamur and Jean was 1 turn north of it. My favourite hero, Imane, proposed to join me but it was not really the best moment to do so, I however accepted the offer of lovely Imane, sorry for her for the sure death she was heading for.
On turn 62, Jean positioned Flyers to be able to attack my throne on the next turn but he was too cautious to attack and I reinforced and he didn't attack. I was moving my throne to Farrac, which had a Tomb and thus a MCU with Chant of Unlife, pretty convenient for a throne.
At the same time, I spotted the T1-T2 and Bards of SeeR moving toward Azyrut. For no reason, while they were about to reach Azyrut 2 turns later, they moved back toward SeeR's throne.

Without much to lose at that stage, I decided to try an attack with 3 Elite (or higher) King Shock Serpent and my Sorcerer hero on them. These 4 units were Swimming or Flying (mount) so were able to cross the lake separating me from them and attack them. It was 12 vs 4. I had a crash on the turn of that fight. Here is the screenshot of the 1st result: 1 Serpent died and my hero too.

On the 2nd fight, the 3 Serpents survived. SeeR told me to keep them all.
In retrospect, I should maybe have attacked only with the 3 Serpents. They were good enough to kill all 12 units and I would have kept my hero. However, the hero did absorb some hits that the Serpents would otherwise have suffered so his death may have a big impact on the fight, not sure.

On turn 65, Jean took my 2 cities near my throne. I had taken back Azyrut and Lamur though.
Jean came back to take back Lamur. I played hide and seek with him (hidding Hunters) and keept my units far enough so that he could not engage them, this lasted several turns. His Flyers benefited from Prophet Military Racial Governance so had Martial Arts and 39 MP (+3 thanks to Advanced Logistics), they were really really strong and mobile. Instead of going east to see what I had there, Jean played very cautiously and kept his units together, limited by the low mobility of his Elders (which he sometimes left behind but only temporarily). He also was reluctant to send Flyers alone to scout (and I killed most of those who were sent alone).

Around that time, gladis quitted the game and EarL followed... So gladis never attacked SeeR's Dwelling (history repeats itself, I had the same issue with cbower about 40 turns earlier) and he also never launched his attacks on Jean UG and on the surface. At that point, the game was really lost because I could have won it only with gladis and EarL. But I proposed to continue to experiment more with end game.

I don't have screenshots so I don't remember exactly the timing but between turn 59 and 65, my leader slipped to the surface through the cave entrance at Uirmo Thi, then went to the sea on his flying mount, and one Horned God with Hunters + Mystics took SeeR and Jean's cities. I expected Jean to have Flyers in the area so I never stayed put and always moved to keep a distance between me and his armies and make me difficult to follow (in terms of line of sight). I hesitated to raze them as I was playing Grey Guard Master but I regreted that after and I think I should have burned them to the ground because I had no way to keep them. The cities were taken back quickly afterward by Jean.

Considering that my main army (Dreadnought hero, 3 King Serpents, a few Spiders) could not take on Jean's 3 stacks near my throne, I moved them toward SeeR's throne, planning (with little hope of success) to kill him.
I arrived near his first city on turn 69. SeeR failed to scout again and moved Irilis and his stack in the city. I crushed them with no loss the turn after.

I checked SeeR's throne with a summon and saw a lvl 5 Necro, 3 Stalkers and 1 Sphynx and I had also spotted at least 6 Stalkers and 2 Elemental 2 turns from there. I was expecting them to move toward my Dreadnought (that was already their direction when I spotted them) so I decided to retreat and move east. I spotted 4 Flyers from Jean which later vanished.
Jean was now burning my cities and razed Lamur and my 2 cities near my throne.

I had limited options with my Dreadnought's army: move back toward Azyrut meant a 3 turns journey to nowhere. Going west toward SeeR's throne meant sure defeat as I could not beat so many SS. East was ok but there was nothing there, the lands of Olop were many many turns away. So I tried my luck and checked the surface, as a cave entrance was nearby. I did not spot any enemy units with the 8 hexes vision range of my True Sight hero. I only saw a few Elders and T1 garrisoning 1 city and his throne. Jean had also tried to intoxicate me with bullshit info that gladis had almost attacked his throne and he had lost units fighting back and I half-believed it.
So on turn 72 I moved my army on the surface, hoping to be unseen (ahah). The turn after, this is what I saw after opening my turn...

Well done Jean!

Then nothing much else to say.
My leader moved UG toward all the vassals of Jean that had been cities of Gilafron. I tried the Horned Gods against many T1 and T2 in auto-combat and they worked well! But then my leader did shit in my 3rd try and died, so that was the end of the story.

That was the situation on turn 76, as you can see I had not much left.

A few more things to say:
- a big fight between gladis and cbower's AI
I'm going to report an issue with it to the devs later (it would not have changed the result much but still, there were strange moves by the AI during the fight).

- another big fight cbower's AI won

And then the score.

I took a screenshot with the score of turn 43 displayed. On turn 42, I had put my leader in the void (I killed my leader at least 3 times through botched tactical fights in this game I think.... I really sucked) and had no research as a consequence. My score stalled and in the score chart, it looks like a turning point, though if you read my report, there is nothing special on turns 43+, it's funny. On turn 43, I was 2nd with 13000 points, Jean was 1st with 16000 points and gladis was 3rd with 10000 points. But then gladis went 2nd and Jean's advantage grew larger and larger. After turn 43, I stopped expending (no more Settlers) because I was attacked on both sides. I guess that's why my score stopped increasing: no more settlings and attacks on both sides.

Knowledge: Jean destroyed us, he got All Knowing toward the end. gladis surprisingly did much better than me despite my +200 or more RP/turn at some point (then much less because I lost my cities).

Military: I didn't check the turn when I peaked, but it must have been when I lost my hero to SeeR's T1-T2 I guess. After that I didn't really produce more troops.
I was 2nd and almost first in early game but then I lost my Theo in the Castle of the Lich King and repeatedly lost my leader and was not able to summon.
gladis had a massive army, even before he became an AI.

Domain: Jean pwned us with all the lands from Olop and Gilafron. gladis was good too. Before turn 40, I was on a good dynamic.

CONCLUSION: AD is good early to mid game but then has difficulties to keep up. With all the mistakes I did, it was even more difficult and Jean clearly deserved to win, even if he was too cautious. gladis could have won but he left!...

I can draw my movements on the map but I spent already a lot of time on that report, I don't think it's necessary.

Game#30 | No mind controlSavegame
Played: 2016-09-10Amount of Humans: 5
Kind of Report: ffaenKind of game: PBEM
Game-value: 64
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Written on 2016-09-10 14:46:53

Confirmed by Kwibus

Written on 2016-09-10 09:34:25

This game ended abruptly since cbower has had to leave the community to spend more time with family, so the rankings are based on relative army strengths at the end of the game. Cbower and I (mauvebutterfly) were significantly ahead of the other players at this time, and it was really just a battle between the two of us at the end.

This game was organised by Kwibus using a special "no mind control" rule set. We could only choose to play as warlords, dreadnoughts, and sorcerers, and there were no heroes aside from the leaders. This made the game a lot more production-focused, since you had to produce or summon your army instead of converting or raising the neutral stacks to join your forces. I would have liked to see how a sorcerer would have done in this rule set, but it was still an interesting game mode, and I'd highly recommend doing it again.
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Game#29 | 2v2 human Theo&Warlord vs 3 necro playersSavegame
Played: 2016-08-28Amount of Humans: 4
Kind of Report: ffaenKind of game: PBEM
Game-value: 61
ResultPlayerClassesRacesTeamPointsExtra PointsMissed PointsQuitterRate
2Jonny ThunderNecromancerTigrans200-55here


Written on 2016-09-06 11:15:46

That was a hell of a game. First time to play a necro, I created a Tigran called Smokey Smartypants, with fire adept and shadow master. Tigran to get the spiritual resistance and shadow master cause that felt evil.

I had better luck than Skuns, for I started on a really big continent, while he was on a small island. From watching Hiliadan´s video, I realized that ghoul curse and revive undead is the key of the game for me. So I tried to lvl my heros until they could revive the deathbringer in the tomb nearby. That went smoothly and while expanding over that island, I was amazed to see knights, eagle riders, trolls and even evangelists joining the ever growing evil army of darkness.

The downside was that I was constantly low on gold so I had to turn most of the treasures into coin. I wonder why those braindead knights need money at all, but hey, the game is called Age of Wonders, so that would not be the last thing I wonder about in this game.

Skuns advised me to cast whispers of the fallen, which is quite a nice spell. Should have done that much earlier.

Sooner or later my scouts discovered a middle sized island, with some unguarded cities. I had a carrion bird there with the mission to be annoying. Firstly, I casted a few undead plagues and could take a city, try to plunder it and Dread retook it next turn. A turn later, another city was unguarded, so I took it and casted dark ritual, got three bone guys and send them to the next unguarded cities. So soon the zombies where rooming that island, keeping Dread´s strong stack busy, harassing the poor people while the land slowly turned to blight. That felt how necro is supposed to be played.

Meanwhile I could mass produce settlers to meet my ever growing hunger for gold and sent 3 stacks of troops against soon-to-be Zombieland. The strongest ones I kept on my continent to clear the high lvl sites.
Suddently Cbowers army, swimming warbreeds, nagas and elements, a hero and Cbowers leader, no-nonsense looking Larissa, arrived out of the nowhere at Skuns island and quickly eliminated everything that came into their sight. All swimming or flying and with regrowth, they blitzed over it. So I hurried everything back to my throne, just in time before he got there. He hurried beyond my ships with death march, a spell which I thought is quite crappy before that game. When he attacked my throne, he faced several factors like damnation, desecration, undead tomb, despair and some undead evangelists, so Larissa was overwhelmed by her own warbreeds and other dead meat.

So Smokey was rising even higher, Skuns was about to take out Larissa´s home and on Dread´s island no living brain was left. What could possibly go wrong, i was wondering?

The first thing was that Larissa somehow could kick Skuns out of the game by killing the leader and move over half of the map to his throne in one turn. Death march is just deadly.

So it was just me and Cbower, me having spread out over 80% of the map, generating 1500 gold and 800 mana every turn, having every buff casted, and conjuring death angels while searching for Larissa´s army. He had to be in the last corner. How hard could it be to hunt him down? That was the next wonder.

Where did the champion phoenixes come from? If he conjured them, that would take around 10 turns, so the numbers did not add up. So I was becoming curious, thinking this game was sure to win. Larissa revealed her full strength when crushing my strongest army with champion mantikores and phoenixes, cutting the death angels down like grass. Somewhere in the next turns I figured it out that he had to have a spell called True resurrect and was collecting the strongest tier4s against me.

From that moment on I rushed the production of fire dragons. Army movements went back and forth, and soon I had quite an army of around 10 dragons and a suitable hero. I tried to meet him, but he would not make a stand but outmaneuvered me and razed my dragon lair.

Then that tough iron Maiden single handedly killed all my dragons with her resistance to everything, tireless and life stealing. So the big empire I had built was doomed, nothing could withstand that overkill called Larissa and all that was left to do was surrender.

So, children, that was the story, how one hero alone stood up and defeated the army of darkness. Hope you enjoyed it.

Written on 2016-09-06 07:22:55

Interesting report! Looks like one OP thing (Death March) beat another OP thing (Necro in general)!
As I said in the chat, I'm sure Necro still has many nice strategies to show, which will pop up as soon as the easiest ones are removed by the balance mod. Dark Ritual on captured cities is one

Written on 2016-09-05 21:48:52

I have been trying to think about how to write up this game. What I wanted, and still want to try again, is see if a joint effort, with map settings would be enough to turn back an unmatched necro and win the game. What I did was let me ally down, failed to scout, misread and under estimated my opponents. I didn't play the game I set out to play, and lost the game before getting lucky enough to win it back.

One lesson I learned from this match don't get to high on yourself when things are going well or too low when things are not going well. Things started out well Dread was doing his sim city thing and I was doing my clearing thing. I made contact with Skuns home first, and got a feeling he was vulnerable. So I scrapped my plan to defend and turn the necro players, and decided to try to destroy Skuns base to cripple his ghouling. Meanwhile we were finding off scouts and light attacks. Then Johnny started doing something I haven't really seen form a necro before. He combined scout attacks with dark ritual spells. Since Dread was going sim city this was highly profitable, because the cadavers could spread quickly. It wasn't an invasion but it slowed Dread's progress, and forced us to defend. I continued on my quest to destroy Skuns base. Set a few MH and other units to he fend off light attacks, Dread moved to the mainland to continue creeping. 

To hit Skuns I let his forces by, believing that we could fend them off long enough. By the time I was taking Skuns cities I realized my mistake way way too late. By this point I had gotten the map from explorer. Johnny had a large expansion.Not only that he had already moved in force towards Dread. Are units were out of position and there was no way to defend Dread's homeland. I had not scouted Johnny and have not played him before, I underestimated him. Not only hd he enough to take Dread's homeland, I quickly realized he had even stronger forces left at home.

My invasion was enough to take Skuns out, but besides a single city of Johnny's, I got nothing. I was left to try and outmaneuver Johnny's better stacks. It was then I decided to attack a city 3 stacks to 2. I misread how powerful the walls, damnation, and spells were. What I thought would be a small victory completely wiped my leader stack.

Dread had fallen, I lost my leader Stack, 80% of the map was owned by my opponents, my 3 cities, 2 vessels versus a network off about 15 cities, vastly outnumbered by better unites, I was completely demoralized and beaten. I turtled in my throne, waiting for the end. It was Skuns who showed up first with about 4 stacks and t4 units. He was taking me apart slowly. It was then I realized Skuns had left me an opportunity. He had moved his leader stack a bit ahead of his other stacks to do some additional clearing. Using death march and Haste berries I was able to put to stacks onto him and win. From there he had been given a new throne by Johnny, but it was on Dread's old Island. I was able to take my leader and remaining units and put them at sea. I had no idea what was out there, but it was worth the chance to me, since I had nothing to lose. See there with a mermaid shrine and death march I could hit his throne the next turn, if I was lucky I could atleast take a player with me. Well I survived and found his throne the following, which turned out to be weakly defended and Skuns had lost.

Johnny still owned the game, but that small victory convinced me to keep fighting instead of just turning and waiting to die. Sooner or later Johnny would come and take my Homelands. I would not have enough to stop him. However out west was a completely undiscovered country. Multiple outpost, a giant vassal, and plenty of great sites to feast off of. So I decided to build a clearing party of war breeds and heroes and go west. I can;t remember which site it was but I received true resurrect as a reward, and suddenly I knew I had a chance. 

I was able to put together a t4 army from sites with true resurrect. I was able to level my hero to level 30 and get her immune to every non-physical damage type. While at the same time the giant vassal, and rewards money stabilized my gold to support them. Johnny took my homelands and found me out west. But when reach out west he did not expect me to have a t4 army and I was able to take his invasion force out at sea. From there I went home. Trying to re-establish something there. However at this point I was down to 2 stacks, losses from the previous fight. Johnny had seen me coming and had moved his 2 stacks of life stealing dragons back to my home. They reinforced 3 other stacks. I was able to death march and hit mermaid shrines and skip ahead of him. I hit some dungeons and grabbed some more manticores. Then I was able to sneak by to his Dragon dwellings and raze it. Johnny followed trying to catch me there, but I was able to use death march to hit a regrowth shrine. A level 30 maxed out hero with regrowth and and life steal is quite formidable. She alone with some resurgence units took out all of his dragons and another high ranking hero. Unbeknown to me Johnny actually had gotten degenerate from all knowing, but the AI failed to use it until it was too late.

At this point Johnny still covered most the map, but no longer had units that could travel and fight mine. Reaper's we actually not a good match, since I had gold dragon and phoenix's. The other units could large waters as well as mine. I had regained my throne researched manticores and could now start building economy. The tides had shifted. In the end true resurrect, plus high-level AD and Warlord hero, with items, and better maneuverability where more powerful then unpatched ghouling. Which is not what I set out to do at all; however it was the most dramatic comeback I have ever been apart off. 

I still wish I had done a better job of supporting Dread, if I had done that I believe we could have turned them back and fought them together. I was too aggressive for a team match, my arrogance and foolishness cost Dread. From this I hope to learn to be a better teammate, in the long run such aggressiveness will be make for more losses then wins. There is a better way to play then how I played this game. I need to keep working on this team stuff.

Written on 2016-08-29 09:11:29

Confirmed by DreadReapr

Written on 2016-08-29 09:11:04

good job 

Written on 2016-08-28 18:50:30

Confirmed by Skuns453Lirik902

Written on 2016-08-28 16:27:14

This is a very interesting game. Many ups and downs. I will try to do a write up in the next week that will do it justice.
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Game#28 | B&I vs King SerpentsSavegame
Played: 2016-07-30Amount of Humans: 4
Kind of Report: ffaenKind of game: PBEM
Game-value: 64
ResultPlayerClassesRacesTeamPointsExtra PointsMissed PointsQuitterRate


Written on 2016-08-01 05:59:30

Excellent write up Hiliadan and Jean!

Written on 2016-08-01 05:44:19

I liked the final gambit, in the end a bit too ambitous this time, but it took preparation, coordination, and courage. I have played alot of games where people just don't have a plan to win. They fall behind, further and further until they become irrelevant, ending squashed like a bug. Serpents may have lost, but they lost by giving themselves a chance to win and I for one admire that

Written on 2016-07-31 18:43:04

Thanks Jean and cbower for the report! Both very interesting! <smiletext0> I just finished cbower's report and indeed, Arcane Catalyst for AD would have been the end of us. I also agree that if Jean would have moved towards us when he had the chance (when his lone Goblin Wolf rider moved towards us), it could have been very different. I also think you attacked (and surrendered) too early because it was not yet the end.

To start back at the beginning...
My build was Dwarf Dreadnought with Shadowborn Master and Destruction Adept, a pure bad guy!
I played a racial Dreadnought and never tried to build class units, especially not machines, as most people usually play Dread. Machines are too slow, both to research, to build and to move. UG, Dwarves move fast and that's a bid advantage compared to slower races like Evgendil's Elves. In order to harness this speed advantage and to get the most of Dread's Empire Upgrade, I focused on Boar Riders.
I focused on researching Empire Upgrade and getting as much as gold as possible to build many units. On turn 17, I hit +300 gold/turn. I was able to produce 2 Boars every turn at Helmdal, the pearl of the Dwarf's Empire (173 production/turn) and at my throne.
Unlike cbower, I ensured my domain was safe and built Watchtowers at all the UG entrance and positioned units there to ward off invaders. Evgendil sent a few Pinguins/Wyverns but I afraid them away. Unfortunately, I had not secured the entrance nearer to cbower's cities and Evgendil caught us off-guard around turn 23.
Helmdal had been given to me by cbower who had conquered it initially. We exchanged a few items and mana/gold. This choice of focusing empire building on me was very good as it allowed me to get a very strong production base and cbower did not much as his main stack was self-sustaining and even snow-balling.

During that initial phase, we spotted a Dragon Dwelling (surface, middle) and a Naga Dwelling (UG, Jean's side). We were not sure if Jean was UG or surface. I was pretty worried by the Dragon Dwelling and what would happen if Evgendil developed it. It was behind rapids that our troops could not cross easily and had no cave entrance nearby so it was very hard to take. We were discussing a raid by Supercharged Banshees to take it down when Evgendil struck us and we never had any opportunity to attack it afterward.

The fall of Helmdal and the first encounter at Fal-Fala
Almost at the same time, I took the Fairy Dwelling at the center of the map and encountered Jean's main army (turn 22) and Evgendil struck in our southern border (turn 23). I decided to move toward Jean's army, protected by a rock cavern, in order to force them in a 1.5 (1 stack + swimming unit in the flank) vs 2 which would have been very bloody and which I would probably have won.

One turn later, Evgendil took my jewel from me. I had one rapid-intervention stack not far away and I moved them back, at a junction, with the possibility to move toward Hemldal in 1 turn or to my throne in 1 turn too. Unfortunately, as cbower described, Evgendil had played smartly and I could not take back Hemldal without being crushed the subsequent turn. I thus stayed put and Hemldal was razed, causing rage and hatred in the Dwarf's ranks.

The Simple Plan and the skirmishes at Fal Fala
As Jean described, cbower and me then agreed on a simple plan: I would move North and he would move South, to take Jean on both fronts at the same time. cbower first wanted to go back to defend our homeland but we agreed we could probably defend it with our current units there and it would make more sense to put pressure on our enemies.
Around that time, cbower sent me very powerful items he had gotten from high-level sites, as we chose to create a "super-hero" and chose my Dwarf leader for that. The key abilities of the items were: +40% physical resistance (to stack with the +20% from Dreadnought), Life Stealing through a Vampire Spider Queen, Tireless. With these, I would be basically invulnerable or at least very hard to kill, especially against summoned animals. Unfortunately we were far and the items took 4 turns to arrive (and arrived in my accompanying Theo, which was pretty risky!). And the egg still had 4 turns to hatch.

I considered Fal-Fala, the Fey Dwelling, to be pretty strategic as it was at a crossroad between Jean's lands, my northern cities and, through a longer route, our homeland. I wanted to control it and build some feys so we had several skirmishes with my Champion Toad Fairy and animals sent by Jean. After several siege, Jean decided to send a tougher beast and I had to decide what to do against a Dire Bear. As my leader stack was already 2-3 turns away and moving toward target (Jean's outpost in the north), I considered the Fairy could not rejoin them and I had nothing to lose to try. I brought back 2 Spy Drones and bought the last remaining unit in the nearby Inn (Jean had bought all the other): a Civic Guard. I then tried my luck, hoping the Bear would go against the Drone and give me time to (more or less) one shot all the T1 units with the Fairy and then finish the Bear off. Unfortunately, the Bear went straight at my Fairy and I lost the combat. It was the last fight of Fal-Fala.

I consider the game was lost during that phase for King Serpents. Had they developed the Dragon Dwelling or even more simply, had Jean pushed East of Fal-Fala with his main stack or even with 2-3 strong units, he would have arrived to my northern, poorly defended, cities and plundered them. But he moved West instead and these cities were never worried.

The final phase and the final mistakes of the King Serpents
Having decided not to research machines, and knowing the mobility of AD, I had decided to research Shadowborn techs instead, in order to get the Angel in the long run. Given my poor research capacity (especially after losing Helmdal and later the city south of my throne), I was far from achieving this objective. But still, even the 1st spell of Shadowborn Adept would have been very useful to me: Embrace Darkness gives Life Stealing to all units in the enchanted city's domain and I had a lot of units in my throne!

Jean got a Chtonic Guardian from a site (as he described in his report) and showed it to me by killing my Spy Drones. However, I had no idea where his leader stack was (because of the Drones being killed and because Drones do not have Night Vision so see nothing anyway). I moved as planned with my main stack and I tried to get 8 cities to get Monoculture and send the 3 Firstborns I would get through the lava to get one city from Jean (by the way, I crashed one Drac Flyer I had bought for a lot of money at Fal-Fala's Inn very stupidly against a Sun Guard earlier near that city... I knew Pikeman would be good against Flyer but I underestimated how good, very stupid). But even though I had been very close to Monoculture for a lot time, the loss of Helmdal and a 2nd city had delayed me. I took a Goblin's independent Jean had not spotted and migrated it, and eventually reach Jean's, took his northern outpost and migrated it (1 turn) and I was suppose to get Monoculture at that time... but Jean took back the old Goblin's city!... So delayed again! And then at that point, I discovered that Jean's main army was just in front of me, waiting for me it seemed!

I discussed with cbower as I had an opportunity to get Monoculture that turn by getting my old vassal from the game's beginning in my Empire. Eventually I did just that and reached Monoculture, surprising Jean, killing his Chtonic Guardian sitting in the lava one hex from my main army (with the help of a Forge Priest who saved one Firstborn from death with Guardian Flame) and positioned myself to get a 2 vs 2 against Jean.
To do that, I had to finish a quest from my Dwelling with only 2 Boar Riders against 1 Banshee, 1 Bone Wyvern, 1 Dread Spider Baby and 1 Skewer. It was very very hard and I almost failed (I retreated once with 1 Boar dead and the Wyvern + Skewer remaining and then casting a Drone to attack again) but I made it! It may have played a role in my subsequent defeat at my throne because the 2 Boar Riders came from my throne and thus lacked during the defence of the throne.

You know the rest as it was well described by Jean.

I mentioned Embrace Darkness earlier... I finished researching it one turn after Evgendil's suicide attack on my throne. Too bad because had I gotten it one turn earlier, Evgendil would probably not have won that fight!

I also mentioned a Vampire Spider Queen's Egg. It was about to hatch 2 turns after Jean's attack. At that point, my leader would have been able to take many of his units alone I think (he only lacked Total Awareness to be a true stack killer).

The items and stats of my leader.

The score (no one showed it) is below. Actually Jean was 1st for a significant time. cbower raised up in the end through Research (site clearing + Whisper of the Fallens I guess). Evgendil stayed back because of his raid which hampered his progression. But we were all pretty close.

A few final screenshots of the UG and the surface and my leader slaying Jean himself and slaying Rikki the Filthy, the nasty hobbit who tried to defy the Dwarves!

Rikky the Filthy one-shot by Hiliadan the Impaler's own hands! That's a lesson for the Hobbits!!!

Jean the Unworthy killed by Hiliadan the Impaler, who rode the whole battlefield to face his enemy, and then decided he was not worth hitting properly, so splashed him with magic (the worst of the insult from a Dreadnought!)!!

Written on 2016-07-31 15:04:22

GG  <smiletext0>
Congrats to team B&I. Smart tactics, smart play, good victory!

Written on 2016-07-31 04:00:26

First excellent write up Jean. From the start I moved west in the UG as described. Early on I was able to take a wizard tower at the city of Osx. Once I had that I knew what I wanted to do. I pushed mana, built only one city, and built arcane catlyst and summoned units at Osx, so they would be supercharged. Downside was I wasn't casting scouts, so we didn't catch E coming from the surface. The upside was it left me with reasonable defense force. When E hit I had just assembled about 15 units with 6 supercharged units. Which meant that I had a sizable enough threat to E, maybe not enough to win, but a threat nonetheless.       Since I was focused on summoning and I was able to clear early. I gave Helmdal to Hiliadan, and cleared some nice area between us for him to settle. With both of us clearing and setting up space, Hiliadan was able to be an economic force. Hiliadan did not stop pushing forward, he kept building economy, and quickly was turning out many boars. So When E hit Hilidian was able to divert some boars back home, without pulling his leader stack.      This I think is where we won. We were able to each build a sizable defense, maybe not enough to take on entirely a leader stack invasion but a credible resistance. One where walls and units would create bloody battles. So when E hit he spread as one does attacking our economy. Even though we were caught off guard we were able to retreat a few units. E took position outside helmdal to ensure the raze I would gather. It was a well positioned maneuver. He stayed off the city in a position to be able to counter. But what made it successfully is he bought out the cheap inn units, forcing us to have to commit an actual army to take it back, but with E in a position to counter we would lose any army we sent in. I lost another city because it was too far away from my troops, and had to be careful with my one defense force I had. I couldn't thin them out. However ensuring the raid on Helmdale allowed us to take back a city beneath Hiliadan's throne with a reanimator. At this point E doubles back towards I chase with my units and the rest unfolds as described above.  
The point I am trying to make here is that while E has enough to possible defeat either of our defensive armies he doesn't have enough to defeat both. Which means he can't control the zone, it's no longer and invasion it's a raid. So we are able to control our zone, while continuing to apply pressure forward. Jean Doubled back to defend but we were patient and continued to build our forces. Outnumbered 2 to 1 with very real threats. It is hard  to face down 2 leader stacks.    The other problem is Hiliadan's leader stack has summon and animal slayer +6 damage on Jean's t3's. Boars with medals and solid engineering and pistols are pretty strong. Hiliadan's leader itself was also very strong. My leader stack was good but I was far behind what a necro would normally be accustomed to. My ghouling was up and down, I went through a drought where I missed repeatedly, then I nailed like 4 t3 in a row. The no mind control ghouling makes a significant difference as well. Still by the end I think I had amassed a very decent invasion force for this game.   Serpents positives:     Have the surface ug split worked in their favor. E was able to have the surface to himself and avoid our detection as the bulk of our force was committed in ug. E spread and committed his units carefully in his attack. He gauged the landscape well, positioned his units well and safely razed cities. Similarly jean was cautious with his leader stack, he knew where we were and didn't throw his units away. As we advanced Jean was able to sneak behind and recapture the faeries. So he didn't bail entirely on his double back, so basically he kept Hiliadan honest as he moved forward. Forcing him to thin if he wanted to keep hold of his spoils.  
B&I positives:  
We built into a complementary strategy. We shared resources, we coordinated, and Hiliadan is a great communicator. We created significant advantages of both economy and units. Economy was Hiliadan’s domain, and pitched in with some clearing. Hiliadan twice was able to use solid UG positioning to give himself advantages in important fights. We are able to snipe back some cities stalling razes.  
  Corrections:   My units were not held together by being undead, as it turns out undead will dessert but you need to be really behind in gold. In this game I was not producing alot of units, and I was clearing alot. Most of my units came from ghouling and summons. So I was able to easily stockpile gold. The razes caused me to have negative gold and mana, but even at the end I I think 5+ turns before I had to worry about hitting 0, and the whole time I was being attacked i was building and summoning additional units. We were close to turning the corner, I was about to stabilize my economy for the most part. The successful ghouling did create more of a gold issue but it was serious yet. It actually takes awhile for it to become serious.    Final Thoughts:      My only real fear in this game was when E first hit. Jean Was at the center of the map. I was afraid instead of doubling back he  would collapses with E onto Osx. If this happens Osx is likely lost and The two stand a very good chance being able to reinforce with summons of completely overrunning our homelands. Which would cause us to have to commit to defense or attack. Abandoning our homelands is not a real good option for us. Hiliadan's strength is built upon his production and then there is the issue with losing Osx. Until that moment it didn't really occur to me how dangerous it can be to build an arcane catlyst against two AD's. Can you imagine a supercharged army of high level animal summons? Abandoning the zone had real consequences, a trade would have probably done us in since our homelands were better setup and we were still a ways away from them. So even though we would have been able to slip behind them and control their homelands.      I think this is a thing to think about with AD, it setups up fast with a strong attack, and it does so without having to have a strong base. Therefore it can be almost mindlessly aggressive, because trades seem end in their favor, and that puts all the pressure on your opponents. I think if you double up on AD, no half measures, go all in on the attack.   Now production based setups, I think you need to be more cautious. You need to scout better then we did, because your optimum strategy is more fluid and you need to react. In this sort of way you need to have both offense a defense, and be able to play both equally well.   

Written on 2016-07-31 03:47:32

match rating.

Written on 2016-07-30 16:03:33

(Attention! Remove children from your monitors, the text is 18+)
Hello, guys.
First of all, I would like to thank you for the game. It was a great pleasure to play in team with such a cool guy as Evgendil and to fight such sophisticated opponents as Hiliadan and Cbower (or Cbower and Hiliadan - I'm not sure about the order as I don't know who is jedy and padawan here ). I'm looking forward to playing with you again soon. 
Secondly, I've made up my mind to share the report with other bf players cause I consider the game to be very interesting due to many maneuvers on strategic map, unexpected and unpredictable events and several final "grand battles".
So have fun reading it!

Chapter 1. Dark clouds over our heads. 

It's common knowledge that druid's level uped armies are powerful at the beginning of the game due to timing. That's why if you happen to find the bitch who cursed me and Evgendil in this game then don't hesitate to pm us. We are available at any time. Astrologists announced the month of boars. Not even a single penguin to take a gold chest on the water (it turned out that the guy who lost it due to the shipwreck wasn't very rich). It took me 5 attempts to summon a baby serpent here. That's why we both didn't manage to level up even one tier-4 serpent in this game (but maybe we are just bad at level uping, who knows).

Chapter 2. First meetings and planning the route.

While expanding and scouting I've made up my mind to visit a Naga dwelling hoping to get a good quest nearby. It was a good idea => I got 2 more baby serpent animals here and managed to stabilize my army a bit. Closer to the center of UG I found a Fey dwelling and some very good objects including one with a Grey Archangel in defence. And a crazy idea came up to me "Why not give a try here?". You see, I had a very good hero, a halfling Rogue guy with charm. This guy was known for having sex with more than 2000 halfling women (a local 'Pierre Woodman I believe). Well, I shall not continue got the idea.
Screen # 1. As Evgendil was the only player on the surface he felt himself quite safe and was able to clean all the objects he needed while moving towards our opponents. We expected them to attack me in the undeground so Evgendil was to hit in the back unexpectadly. 

Screen # 2. My route to the center of the map where I met Hiliadan's army. 

Chapter 3. Mid game. 

Screen # 3. My idea was to block the bridges in order not to let him come to my domain and get more time (for producing shamans and researching gargantua). Grey Archangel helped a lot killing drons here. 
At this time Evgendil had already attacked Cbowers domain and started to raze cities...

So at this point our opponents' plan became very clear. Cbower was moving with his main forces towards me in the south part of the UG, slowly getting more and more units. Hiliadan was coming from north. If Cbower hadn't been Necromancer then all Evgendil's actions would have been very strong here making Cbower lose his towns and forcing his troops to rebel. But, unfortunately, undead never rebel. They have no brains at all. Retards I should say. So our plan became like this: Evgendil should take Hiliadan's throne city while I had to try to kill his main forces including the leader => destroying one of our opponents completely. But it never happened.

Chapter 4. The end.

It all started with the Grey Archangel. It was killed in a very funny way. There was nobody in the Hiliadan's army who could possibly stay on lava so my scouting and killing drons was quite logical. But Hil got the monoculture quest and the reward - 3 firstborn delivered by Airbus directly to his leader killing my Archangel nearby. "Thanks for choosing our airlines. We hope you liked the flight". 
I expected this Archangel to help me a lot in the final battle if honestly. 

Then when Evgendil took the throne city (almost losing his whole army), Hil forced me to attack 2 vs 2, not 3 vs 2 as I hoped. Well, we didn't have many illusions here. I hate UG sometimes xD

We just needed to win the battle or to kill the leader.

Unfortunately, we lost this battle and conceaded. It was our only chance to fight for the win as Cbower was doing very well in ghouling the enemies <smiletext0>

If you, guys, can add something describing your strategy, moves, etc and show some screens it would be very cute!
And once again thanks for the game <smiletext1>
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Game#27 | 2v2 Practice GameSavegame
Played: 2016-07-28Amount of Humans: 4
Kind of Report: ffaenKind of game: PBEM
Game-value: 65
ResultPlayerClassesRacesTeamPointsExtra PointsMissed PointsQuitterRate


Written on 2016-08-02 10:00:20

Confirmed by Ezekiel

Written on 2016-07-28 22:31:18

I agree death march needs work. I think there are some good suggestions and I hope it will be better in the future. I am also bothered by how useless combat spells are in auto fights. I wish there was some way to stage spells, but I simply could not figure out a way. I really wish we could have more influence over auto combat. I created a mod to set auto combat modes, disable abilities, melee only, and defensive mode. There turned out be no good way to set a guard type mode. As far as spells, I would even be willing to unlearn spells. I cringe when my leader cast life steal versus the undead. Then I laugh when my opponent's leader tries to disjunct it. Personally I almost never research combat spells because of how bad they play in auto. Behind even using spells poorly it is hard for me to predict what will be cast when you have a full book of spells.

Written on 2016-07-28 16:35:18

Confirmed by Tussell

Ecrit le 2016-07-28 14:39:23

I don't know why computer play so bad i have many good spell and in auto fight computer really do shit! This is a very strange game, with the leader of cbower alone in the map he can fly and move 24 cases by turn with the spell death march 30 in def 16 in res with many 100% resist level 29, lol i have me too very nice heroes but i can't move 24 cases by turn i am a little bit lucky in the fight i think but if computer use the good spell fight will  be very easy. I really hope death march will be change because warlord is over poweful with it and with many boost the leader warlord can be invincible.
Thank you for the game <smiletext0>
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Game#26 | Duel #3Savegame
Played: 2016-07-05Amount of Humans: 2
Kind of Report: ffaenKind of game: PBEM
Game-value: 46
ResultPlayerClassesRacesTeamPointsExtra PointsMissed PointsQuitterRate


Written on 2016-07-05 17:10:06

Confirmed by DreadReapr

Written on 2016-07-05 06:55:51

So we decided to do this as an auto ai game for PBEM. Slow to get started but fun to get into. I was a little nervous about playing this style of game, and was happy that I played well enough to win. For the most part we seem to keep pace with each other, except it turned out Dread produced more units then me. Basically the game turned on a 2 turn stretch. As Dread went to place down his 8th tigran city. He was guarding it with about 8 units a hero, a couple shaman, hunters and so forth, I was able to outnumber him 2 to 1 with mostly monster hunters, and a gold Naga Matriach. From there he split his stacks to defend his city, the slow units had to take the long way around the water. A couple heroes and almost all t3 Shaman and serpents 9 units total. I place my 8th city and got 3 eagles. With them the naga matriarch and all my monster hunters I again had a number's advantage and scored a significant victory. I was able to press on and take an important city, forcing a final battle that was in my favor. Good game, plenty fun.
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Game#25 | duel vs cbowerSavegame
Played: 2016-06-28Amount of Humans: 2
Kind of Report: ffaenKind of game: Live-Multiplayer
Game-value: 46
ResultPlayerClassesRacesTeamPointsExtra PointsMissed PointsQuitterRate


Written on 2016-06-28 01:01:45

Match has been reported from DreadReapr!
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Game#24 | BeeR Consolation FinalsSavegame
Played: 2016-06-05Amount of Humans: 4
Kind of Report: ffaenKind of game: PBEM
Game-value: 62
ResultPlayerClassesRacesTeamPointsExtra PointsMissed PointsQuitterRate


Written on 2016-06-06 18:10:01

Good Game.

Written on 2016-06-06 06:59:44

Game didn't end up being all that fantastic , cbower stomped everyone.

Written on 2016-06-05 12:05:19

Confirmed by Eskild

Written on 2016-06-05 11:21:19

Match has been reported from cbower!
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Game#23 | Round 8 : Tourneygame #30Savegame
Played: 2016-05-27Amount of Humans: 2
Kind of Report: PBEM Duel Tournament 2015 Kind of game: PBEM
Game-value: 47
ResultPlayerClassesRacesTeamPointsExtra PointsMissed PointsQuitterRate


Ecrit le 2016-05-27 18:05:11

Big big Rush, when i see you don't have capitol turn 3, i take a little risk to attack  but i have really better heroes and my first born with gold medal cover my back  AI play very bad for me the fight, if i play the fight i lose no unit, computer don't use good spell don't use control undead don't use great reanimate <smiletext0>,  Sorry for have kill this match too quikly
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