Tournament Blitz Duel Tournament

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It starts, our first (small) tournament for DOM5.
Played in Blitz Format (Direct Connections), either over IP or over a Host Server.

Please note, if we feel that there is more interest, we will schedule more tournaments or expand this tournament with more players or a different format.

Rules so far:
Pretender election after race selection
Card: Predifined Map (will be posted in the games)
A player can play certain nation only once
A player can ban up to 1 nation for whole tournament
A player can ban up to 1 nation before a specific game
Priority list can be updated after each game and must be always at least 3 nations long

No AI + no mods

Otherwise, the league rules apply from our side

Participiants obligate to accept the rules. Violating them will cause being excluded from the tournament.

After the game the game is reported on the tournament page. The admin and the opposing player can review the reports and edit them if necessary.

Please report the matches in detail, so that we can collect as much statistics as possible about the game.

Also check the prices! The Tournament will give a price. Thank you.

If you have any questions, please contact the Support.