Tournament Live MP Beginner Tournament 2017

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This is a live duel tournament for newbies and non-veteran players as well, those who are still learning the game and its strategies its time to show us what u got! <smiletext1>

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Tournament Rules:

Tournament Rules:

- Players must play the Multiplayer Balance Mod
- If a player disconnect and he didnt show up for 15 minutes then he lost the game.
- If both players cant host the game Try This
- Players can arrange whatever settings they choose but in the absence on consensus, the settings described below apply.

In-Game Settings:

-classic turns or simutaneous then switch to classic when leaders meet
-turn timer: 3min
-map size: medium
-map type: land
-underground enabled
-starting town: village
-starting units: medium
-starting distance: far
-roads: few
-roaming untis: average
-treasures: average
-cities: few
-dwellings: few
-resource structures: average
-visit structures: average
-treasure structures: average
-all geography sliders at 50%

-seal victory: off
-unifier victory: off
-always manual against humans
-always auto against ai
-game speed: normal
-starting resources: standard
-starting skills: none
-all heroes have resurgence: never
-defender strenght: normal
-cosmic happenings: medium
-maximum number of heroes: leader + 3
-maximum hero level: 20

-map exploration: on
-city founding : on
-random hero match player race: on
-force high speed tactical combat: on
-empire quests: off
Good luck and have fun <smiletext24>

If you have any questions, please contact the Support.