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Be part of a AOW Community who organizes PBEM games, live multiplayer games and tournaments as well as regular LAN partys since AOW2.

What do you need to do to play a game?
1. An account on the AOW Planetfall Community
2. Join a game there (list of open games) or start a new game
3. Join or create the game on Triumph's server
4. Regularly visit the website to read messages and news from the community
5. Report your games when they are finished (casual, unreported games, are also possible)

Check the League Codex for all Players in g4
General Rules


These basic rules should provide a fair process of the PBEM games. Some topics can be adjusted if requested for a specific game or according to the wishes of the participants.
But we (the authors) recommend to adopt the given rules.
We make no claim to be complete and should you have additional suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Part 1: Generality
- PBEM fair-play: negotiations and screenshot exchanges with a given player should be conducted only after in-game contact with this player.
- Renaming of cities in order to confuse the opponent is not fair, though renaming after capturing or founding a city is allowed.
- Breach of previously agreed "contracts" are part of the game, but be aware that mistrust against you will increase in the future if you do so (and in other PBEM matches too).
- Giving threatened cities to other players who have a non-aggression-agreement (or other form of alliances) with the opponent to prevent him from taking them is not allowed.
- Voluntarily reloading (to reload a turn in order to get a different fight result) is not allowed. In case you just "misclicked" (without getting gaming relevant information), then reloading is okay.

Part 2: In-game-tricks
- Mutual attacks between friends or allied players in order to improve units (e.g. heal them or let them gain experience) are not allowed.
- If a player quits, the remaining AI should not be attacked/captured without an agreement between all the players involved in the game.
- Players should not voluntarily exploits bug or weaknesses in the game. Players should report any bug or exploit on the official forum when they discover them.
For instance, to exchanging back and forth cities between allies to achieve Empire Quests is considered to be an exploit. One player can give cities to his allies but then his ally should not give them back until the end of the game. The only exception is if the initial giver has lost all his cities, in which case his ally can give him one city back.

It is recommended to play with the Ironman mode activated to prevent players from reloading or replaying their turn.

Last updated on: 01.08.2019

Live Multiplayer Rules


1) No-Quitting! Unless you have a real life emergency, lose the game, or have found a proper substitute. Surrendering is allowed only when defeat is imminent and with the approval of the game host.

2) Only play when you know you have enough time: for instance 4 person medium map= 3+ hours, 6 person medium map 4+ hours. If you know you have to quit early, inform the host before-hand, if he still accepts you into the game, it’s your mutual responsibility to get a substitute.

3) If the game is reloaded, for instance when someone disconnects, the game desyncs or there is a bug, RETURN FOR RELOAD. It is the player’s responsibility to return to the game and the host’s responsibility to reload. The group’s chat room can be used to coordinate a reload or it can be done privately using Steam.

4) When a battle takes place and one of the players disconnects (which cancels the battle) the game will be reloaded using the auto-save or a save made before the battle. The two warring players must do exactly what they did before the previous battle session, meaning – no new units, troop movements, spells and so forth.

5) All players should be respectful and display good sportsmanship. If a player abuses or harasses other players in chat or plays with the sole purpose of annoying other players, the game host should reload the game without the offending player and find a proper substitute. If it is the game host who is acting like this, the players are allowed to reload without the host or scrap the game.

6) Feel free to host any type of game you like. Be sure to announce your settings so other players are not mislead.

7) Manual combat against independents is strictly prohibited. If a player unintentionally manuals he should retreat immediately. Autocombating human players is strictly prohibited unless explicitly discussed and agreed upon!

The following rules are recommended but not mandatory. A gamers host should decide before hand and discuss with the players implementing the following:

I. The 15s Rule: If a game follows the 15s rule, players are not allowed to attack other players AT ALL for the first 15s of a turn. If for some reason a player happens to attack before 15s have passed, he must retreat. That is, unless the attacked player explicitly and publicly allows this.

II. No-Alliances Rule: Using this rule the alliance function is prohibited in FFA games.

III. No Split-Stacking Rule: When engaging in battle both players allow the other to bring in their available forces as long as they have sufficient MP to form in the same turn.

(Rules was mainly Takeover from AOW3 Community)

If you have any questions, please contact the Support.