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Same rules count as for the preliminary tournaments.

Maps to be played:

First Round
Capture: Forest Firefight
Base: Midtown Maelstorm
Rescue: Silo Sunset

Second Round
Capture: Urban Ultimatum
Base: Ambush Alley
Rescue: Coppertown Conflict

Third Round
Capture: Winter Warehouse
Base: Coppertown Conflict
Rescue: Groznyj Grad

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MGO 4 European Championship Finale | PS3

Total Slots: 8 | Participants

Deine Zeit: 

Mode: 6on6 | Single-Elimination
Winner To The Max
End-Date: 2010-3-9 23 GMT

Metal Gear Solid 4To The
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GamesWWW Vics | 3 | 0Losts
2Philanthro2 | 1
2PotentiaL1 | 1
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