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You are still green and you do not know what „“ is?Do you want to learn about us? Listen up, because we are going to answer obviousquestions!

What/Who is „“?

We are a portal for gamers of any kind! Everyone can join us! We do not mind if you are old or young, because everyone can become a part of the community!The best thing is that you are actually able to create your own community, which means you can create your own league for friends and other players!We bring everything under the roof, which includes offlinegaming,too.(for instance table football). All in all we are making our presence to make the crowd happy!

How can I become a part of „“?

Simply join us via or enter your specific league directly.

You've already been here and just lost your password?

Get yourself a new one by using the „New password“ button.

How do I find my personal league?

Click the „League overview(?)“ and scroll down until you find a league that you like!

How do I find a match and an opponent?

You can easily create a new match and invite your friends via E-Mail or by using our IM!In addition to that you can post the match on your communities board.

I've just signed up and suddenly I have to face an opponent? Help?!

Go to your league and find your match there! Use the function to create a comment, if thereare unanswered questions. Open up a ticket, if you are not able to play the match. (Optional: Contact the League-Admin)

Help, the chat does not work!

Always remember to enable „Java scripts“ and answer securityquestions with „Yes“.

My E-Mail adress seems to be wrong, can I change it?

Of course! You can change it in your profile!

Are there any hidden costs in „“

There are NO costs, never! „“ is free and for everyone. Thanks to the ads.

Am I able to use the page without ads?

You can by spending some money. Simply contact out custom support.

Is it possible for me to create an own tournament?

It is! Navigate to the main page and create a new league.Now read the information for the management. (same board!).

I would like to make my league more attractive by adding prizes. Are there any possabilities?

Contact one of our admins or use our „shop-system“!

What am I supposed to do, if I want to leave „“?

First of all you should set your account to „inactive“, but don't forgetto delete your personal information, if you want to leave for ever.We will not delete yout account due to our statistics.

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