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Dear Gamers – Dear Admins,

the base for a good collaboration between administrators and players is a “positive” and open contact with each other.That is why we created a codex of rules!

The word “codex” may sound a bit intimidating, but the codex should be a guideline for dealing with each other. We are trying to make sure our community feels like a big family! This can only be done by acting politely and responsibly. So let us get going:

Rules for users/players of the page:

Preamble: The following rules are obligatory to all users! Once you have signed in to our
community, you are supposed to follow these rules.

1) The most important thing is respect! Respect is the foundation of fun within the community.
Nobody likes “idiots”, who do not follow rules or act foolishly.

2) Treat opponents as friends and try to be kind to every other user, otherwise the “fun” aspect of gaming will be gone pretty soon.

3) Another central concept of “” is honesty. Just like its “brother” in reality, electronic sports can only exist if each player acts honestly! Nobody likes cheaters. That is why cheaters will be punished/banned instantly. Admins will do their best to detect cheaters and erase them from our community.

4) There are quite a lot of variable ways to punish someone, who committed misconduct!
Trust in the fact that we will always find a way to sentence our “black sheep”.

5) In addition to that, we would like to advise you not to spread forbidden signs, paroles
or advertisements. Some laws of the real life do count here, too.

Rules for administors of the “” page:

The codex for admins is very similar to the codex for gamers, of course, but still, there are some differences. Because of their special stance within the community admins have privileges, but also duties!

1) Admins are supposed to be friendly to users of the page.

2) Admins must not be “mean” upon other users (i.e. using their privileges as an unfair advantage or for personal satisfaction).

3) Admins must try to help others users with their problems.

4) Admins are allowed to delegate users to other admins, if they might be more
competent towards the existing problem.

Nevertheless, admins are human beings just like everybody else. Human beings make mistakes and
we wish you to respect our admins, because it is their help, which makes “” exist. One famous proverb (golden rule) says: “Threat your neighbour as yourself.”
… and thus ends the tale of the sex-less innkeeper.... wait... what?!

© 2009