Game #1323 | Dr Light Vs Refineus VIII

Refineus vs  DrLight

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Rating 1 - Excellent Game
Amount of Humans:2
Kind of game:   PBEM
Game-value: 42
Result Player Classes Races Team Points Extra Points Missed Points Quitter Rate
1 RefineusDreadnoughtFrostlings126130here
2 DrLightRogueGoblins2-130-20here
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Published on Fri, 21 May 2021 06:05:59 +0200

Confirmed by DrLight

Well played Refineus! Well deserved victory...

I think Refineus screenshots captured all our encounters.... 

My economy was terrible the whole game, I relied a lot on MC and the upkeep was killing me, I struggled a lot with gold and had to stop production many times to avoid my units from deserting on me. I had a slow start, as always, I struggle with goblins and how weak they are, at some point I started to get worried that I was a rogue and had not sent anything to disturb Refineus, the map was huge and it took me a long time to get to his territory. By the time I got there he already had Juggers and he also managed to turn a very high portion of the surface in ice using the queens, which gave me trouble fighting on the surface.

That fight where I got my snake frozen twice was ridiculous =P...


Published on Thu, 20 May 2021 20:11:05 +0200

Confirmed by Refineus

Published on Thu, 20 May 2021 20:10:28 +0200


The Frostling Dreadnought succeeded in this very even game. It was very close and the victory was very uncertain in every turn.

I had good map control, a great farm reward netted me a Goblin Marauder who actually scouted like 80% of Dr lights base and ruined two forts for him and stood by his throne city for 10 turns before he got caught. All other drones were quite succeeding in scouting almost the whole map and won most fights against crows. I think Dr Light this game did not manage to scout too well but had a stronger presence.

In mid-game, I think around 40 turns the first real push came to my cities from Dr Light. He came in a small gap north of my cities and manage to destroy two cities. I was waiting for my first Juggernaught to be complete before I repel the invaders. It prevented me from reaching 8 cities of monoculture for a while, I was quite expansive and very fast-growing my empire. I beat the Gobs on growing Metropolis even that.

The next push came later when I was moving in the underground. A tier IV snake with 4 fairies. I had absolutely no way to deal with this underground. I got sick of chasing this one with my theocrat so ran away with her to do something else. I had some forces rushing to defend a fey dwelling as Dr light was harassing surface too and manage to chase his forces away at the moment.

Then I failed to position my forces as I was preparing to rush to the cave entrance above the Snake stack which led actually to some interesting result.

Dr Light target my Dwarf stack that was out of position and lost... The scraper froze the Snake two times. 

I noticed that Dr Light was moving in his forces for a surround. He was going for a pincer attack and force attacks on two different fronts. He came with roughly and 2.5 stacks in the middle of the map and cleared my fey dwelling and then moved from the cave system in the southeast corner. So I prepared an ambush for the centre stack to lure Dr Light while prepared to defend the southeast corner. I dare to go out in the water, but I had to sacrifice my only island city.

So when the time was right I ambushed Dr lights central attack force and wiped it out almost with machine forces and Phoenix leading a racial unit stack. Next turn Dr light rushes with a hero and the archon giant to an undefended city. I already prepared my leader with a flying mount so I took a Phoenix and leader and brought in an Engineer and Musketeer to wipe the Hero and her assistant.

The following turns lead to some more greedy things in the southeast corner. He claimed a city next to my forces, cast "Scorched earth" as he always does. He then decided to bum rush a vessel city in the south, clear it from defenders. Killing my useless Halfling tribute of an Army I put there, in particular, to draw independents unit to finish a quest for me. On my turn, I got a mammoth and flew a Phoenix over to support the mammoth. Dr light left his leader out of position so it was enough with mammoth and phoenix to kill his worn down leader stack. Then on the next turn kill his last hero by chasing them down. Of course by building roads.

Parallel I was also pushing with Tigran's underground to further ruin his economics in case he would recover.

My Theocrat hero had actually after the Snake + fairy combo moved on to attack Dr lights main city to target economics. I evaded most of Dr Lights forces by digging through dirt walls and build roads. I was chased by Bone Dragons and Shadow Stalkers, I took a fey dwelling then city and his throne. I was able to run away from his stacks as I'm faster than those floating Stalkers. I was pretty sure I could not win against that head-on with my Theo stack seen below. The Shadow Stalkers came eventually on the last turn when I already had finished my cat and mice play with Dr light. They fought well on the last breath. After that battle, Dr Light surrendered.

Even game, I was really holding my breath at some point how even it was. It was a very interesting game.

Published on Thu, 06 May 2021 18:58:03 +0200

"The moment when you thought T1 irregular is useless late game..."

Published on Fri, 02 Apr 2021 18:04:33 +0200

I will be on vacation until 7 April due to Easter.

Published on Wed, 24 Mar 2021 18:28:59 +0100
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Dr Light Vs Refineus VIII

Published on Wed, 24 Mar 2021 18:28:59 +0100
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